logo-panda-surfboardsWelcome to the Europe PANDA SURFBOARDS website

Panda Surfboards is a new, young and fresh surfboard company born from the creative mind of young shaper Blake Peters, who is emerging from the mass of talented shapers from Mona Vale on Sydney’s northern beaches.

We pride ourselves in being able to make boards of all shapes and sizes from retro twin fins to high performance shortboards, longboards and summer fun boards, with quality and a flaire that sets us apart from the others.
Blake is part of the new generation making a move right now, growing up with new technology and taking full advantage of that technology to create extremely accurate designs and to push the limits of board design further and further all the time.
“Open your mind and set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd and get on a Panda cos we are the future.

– Blake PETERS

Blake PETERS is at the UWL workshop to built some surfboards in April 2016.
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